You never know when Happy Tail will strike! Order now and keep a Tail-Bandit at home for when your dog needs it

The Tail-Bandit Story

Our family has three Great Danes.  A few years ago we had some friends visit the house.  One of our dogs, Digger, was so excited that he could not control his tail wagging.  He hit his tail on the corner of a wall, cut it, and the carnage begin.  There was blood everywhere, the floor, the walls, us, our guests and even the ceiling.

We calmed Digger down, cleaned the cut and bandaged the wound.  This is where the problems started.  First, we could not get the bandage to stay on for long.  Even with taping it to the tail fur, the taper of the tail allowed the bandage to slide off.  Second, Digger continued to do what dogs do and wagged his tail.  Every time he was next to a piece of furniture or a wall he would hit his tail and reopen the cut.  We tried various ways to bandage his tail with no good results.  In the end, we just waited out the healing process.

The second time it happened, we improvised a type of tail sling.  We taped a D-ring to his tail and clipped it to a belt around  his stomach.  This worked fairly well but the taped ring would eventually come off.  We did not like having to tape his tail fur directly as it had to be fairly tight and would inevidently pull the fur out when the tape was removed.

About two years and a half years ago, it happened again.  After attaching the tape tail sling my son and I decided that there had to be a better way.  We spent months trying to find a practical way to restrain a dog’s tail only to be frustrated.  We finally admitted defeat and put the whole project on hold.

A few weeks later something happened to revitalize the Happy Tail project...Christmas.  My son received the first of two presents, a 3D printer. We realized that with the printer we could designed a type of cage or clamp to fit around a tail but that it would not work very well.  The taper of the tail would mean that the cage would have to be clamped on so tight that it would hurt the dog.  We would need to find some type of padding material that was soft, flexible and “sticky”.  Sticky enough to hold on to the tail but not sticky enough to pull fur out.

The second present was a Wubble Ball. The Wubble lasted less than 15 minutes before it popped.  After it deflated we were examining it to try and figure out what is was made out of.  It was soft, pliable and was difficult to slide across almost any surface.  A perfect material for the padding of the tail cage.  A few months and several scores of designs and prototypes later the Tail-Bandit was done.

We still had one remaining problem, the material that the Wubble was made out of was proprietary, we could not obtain it without buying Wubbles and cutting them up for pads.  We contacted over 30 plastic manufacturers until we found one (and only one) that produced a new type of material that met our specifications.

So, here we are, two and a half years later, proper material and supplies in hand, ready to offer you the Tail-Bandit.  A practical, safe, easy and comfortable way to treat Happy Tail.  We hope that your pet never has to experience Happy Tail but if they do we hope that the Tail-Bandit provides the same safe relief it did for our dogs.