You never know when Happy Tail will strike! Order now and keep a Tail-Bandit at home for when your dog needs it

Tail-Bandit Assembly

Tail-Bandit Assembly

  1. Remove the velcro straps from both parts of the Tail Cage and separate the two halves.
  2. Hook the Insert the tabs on the side of one of the Tail Cage halves into the cut hole of both of the velcro straps. See picture 1.
  3. Position the other half of the Tail Cage’s tabs beside the first half with the ends of the tabs pointed into the hole of the velcro straps.  The two halves should be perpendicular to each other.  See picture 2
  4. Hold the holes of the velcro straps in place with your thumbs and rotate the halves of the Tail Cage into its closed position.  The ends of the tabs should be in the holes and the rotation of the Tale Cage half should lever the tab into the hole.  See picture 3.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3